Conquer with Kindness

“Conquer.” “Kindness.” Have you ever thought about the two in conjunction? Likely not, and certainly not harmoniously, until you do…

Most people cannot readily see the yin-yang relationship, the opposite but interconnected, mutually effecting forces.

Why? Perspective.

We are taught that the two are incongruent and opposite ends of a spectrum. Conquering is valued, kindness devalued; therefore, an impossibility.

When actually, viewed with a differing perspective, they are two sides of a coin. It’s like that love-hate thing, a thin line between conquer and kindness.

Kindness is wholly underrated. It is not a weakness but the greatest of strengths. Think about it. If kindness was weakness, the words of Jesus, spiritual scripts, and peacemakers would not move or pierce your heart, would they?

We are taught to conquer by any means necessary, which usually equates to survival of the fittest. Win your position, what you want, at any cost and all the rest be damned…basically, conquering ruthlessly.

What if you could conquer with kindness?

Where are you going with this, DocV? Let me help you…

Can we agree that conquering ruthlessly (cruelly, callously, hardheartedly) is more than simply being direct in decision-making? It excludes humanity: consideration of others, their feelings, or circumstances with the only concern being for a desired outcome.

Whereas, with an adjusted perspective, kindness not only stands alone but if layered over ruthlessness, it is actually stronger of the two. Ruthlessness as a construct of kindness…now that’s intriguing!

Imagine turning a concept meant for darkness and destruction into strong holds of strength, love, and light. Suddenly, fear and impossibility of adjoining becomes embraced possibility! Kindness with a backbone, if you will.

Think about how it could transform your existence, particularly those of us who have struggled with people-pleasing…

A ”NO” from others would not rock your world; throw you into identity crisis; or damage your self-worth. You would just keep it moving.

When faced with a compromising proposal or situation that does not sit well with your soul, the first words on your lips would be “No, thank you” with a smile, conquering with kindness and waiting on the possibilities, instead of an uneasy “yes”.

Learn to say “no” and that alone will lead you to find your measures of success.

What if we could disregard the mean boys and girls, the naysayers, embrace that fear, and conquer that battle with sugar-coated kindness? YOU CAN DO IT. Shift your perception of what conquering looks like and change the game.

Now, when speaking of kindness, I am not speaking of superficial, condescending platitudes but kindness in truth, heartfelt, compassionate, empathetic, and without agenda.

Genuine kindness is something we do not practice enough out of fear: fear of weakness, fear of lack, fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of fear. What are the keys to conquering? Faith = Embrace the fear; and Wisdom = Don’t play someone else’s game.

When you understand and find the yin and yang of conquering and kindness, you will find yourself being more decisive, getting things done confidently, and doing it all with soul peace and a heart-center.

Learning to conquer with kindness IS holistic heart health, literally and figuratively. It does not matter what situation you find yourself in or who you might face. Kindness thwarts the contender and empowers the giver.

Stand for/charge your worth. If you’re in business and you get a “no”, and that amount is reasonable, fair, and compassionate, give kindness and reassure that individual that there are others out there similar for them and wish them the best. Remember, kindness is not foolish or weak.

Conquering with kindness is learning to marry one extreme to another, to create a balance; with too much conquering, you become the bully, and with too much kindness, you become the victim.

Whether in life or business, if someone does not get the investment in you or your business philosophy, rejection is good for you and them.

Have faith and the wisdom to know what really and truly conquers—KINDNESS. As my Great-gran would say, “Kill ‘em with kindness.” That has always been the way to heal, re-/build, and transform not only your life but the lives of others.

The world is about serving and being kind. Learn to conquer. Learn to be kind; however, be ruthless in your own soul decisions.

You were given a backbone for a reason. Stand up for yourself and others.

Just breathe…then, conquer with kindness.

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