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At Defining paths, we are here to empower and transform the lives of our personal and business clients from the inside out. By breaking your limiting beliefs and opening your eyes to the opportunities around you, there’s nothing you cannot achieve.Defining paths provides you with the expertise to help you weather the storm and survive anxiety-inducing situations that Covid may or may not have triggered.

Whether you require our business or Health Wellness coaching, online courses or speaking services, we are happy to serve you in whatever you need.

Business Leadership Coaching

Change your business trajectory and bottom line through Human Capital Value (HCV) and Defining paths’ KASEE (Knowledge – Access – Strategy – Execution – Empowerment).

To thrive in a business, you must understand what “Value” means to you. Businesses are not created simply to generate a profit. They are created to serve the people in whatever trade you have the expertise in.

Do you value your workforce as people, or do you value how much revenue they generate in your business? If the answer is the latter, then you don’t have the leadership required to make your business successful. A leader is one who listens and understands what their employees need. Have you been listening?

To take the next steps for bottom line success, you must value what your business stands for and how it can help your customers. You must also value and motivate the people who work for you, and in return, management will come easy.

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Health Wellness Coaching

Revelation, Reconciliation and Renaissance: The 3Rs to Holistic Health and Wellness and Successful relationships

“Can I live a normal life after serving my country?”

While it is an honor to serve in the army, many people don’t understand how traumatic the experience can be. Many brave individuals join the army and fulfil their service to become the pride of their country. But when they bring home fresh scars and broken nightmares, the world has moved on so quickly that it’s hard to fit back in and start a new life. It’s also hard to get any help or receive any recognition.

“As a woman, can I live the life I desire?”

Society has put many restrictions on women in the past. Some of those underlying issues continue to bleed into the world we live in today. But over the years, women have grown more confident and powerful in their steed, pursuing career paths and thriving in what used to be a “male-dominated world”. Inspirational role models are being created every day for young girls. With the constant taunts from society, it’s understandable to be stuck or unaware of the path you wish to take. 

We understand the hardships experienced by different walks of life, which is why we wish to help you on your journey and write your true story.

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Ring Free

Are you overwhelmed with life or wish to get rid of your fears and live with no restrictions?

Ring Free: Let Freedom ring in your life supports those who are in transition, looking for answers and are ready to change their life for the better through a hybrid, self-paced, interactive study.

In addition to empowerment, Ring Free is designed with a heart-centered, mindful touch to call into action and provide revelation, reconciliation and renaissance for holistic heart health in mind-body-soul (no matter age, race, ethnicity, creed, socio-economic or marital status).

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Hire DocV To Speak At Your Event

“Most of us fear our own greatness… we fear meeting our full potential and walking in our true purpose.”

Dr. Virginia “DocV” LeBlanc is a results-driven 360° leader with a strong business acumen and many accomplishments under her belt, especially with her work with Delta Sigma Theta and her role as the former executive director in the National Pan-Hellenic Council.

As well as being interviewed on TV, podcasts and established magazines, Dr. LeBlanc has spoken at many events around the world, sharing her wisdom with thousands of eager minds on using divergent thinking to connect the dots and achieve sustainable wins.

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