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“Most of us fear our own greatness… We fear meeting our full potential and walking in our true purpose.”

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Dr. Virginia LeBlanc

award winning speaker & international best selling author

Dr. Virginia “DocV” LeBlanc is a results-driven 360° leader with a strong business acumen and a plethora of accomplishments under her belt, leading and serving organizations as the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc., where she was the first female and youngest Executive Director/COO; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.; Indiana University Bloomington; Booz Allen Hamilton; and the Department of the Navy. She has been interviewed on TV, podcasts and established magazines worldwide.

DocV posseses a strong desire to shine light amid darkness and give hope to all seeking it. She has spoken to diverse audiences at numerous events and venues around the world, sharing her wisdom with thousands of eager minds on using divergent thinking to achieve sustainable wins.

Whenever DocV speaks, you hear her heart and experience her very essence, as well as the power of her words full of truth, transparency, and love to help audiences face, embrace, and reconcile their fears; think without a box; connect the dots; and take next steps to be their own boss in mind, body, soul, and business. When Dr. LeBlanc speaks, her words are guaranteed to enlighten and touch hearts.

Dr. LeBlanc has translated her life experiences of transformation through trauma and transition into a powerful platform to help others achieve the life-affirming clarity she has found. A humanitarian in heart and spirit, she truly cares for the betterment of all, no matter race, color, creed, socio-economic status, or background. She is no stranger to expressing what she has in her heart and her thoughts on the issues that prevail the world today.

The world needs kind and compassionate words, words that will help open the minds of those who have yet to unlock their inner potential. If you wish to inspire the hearts and minds of your guests at your event and help them achieve next steps and next level in their career-life trajectory, then hire Dr. LeBlanc as your speaker today!

Speaking Topics

  • Love the Skin YOU'RE In
  • Heart Health: From the Inside Out
  • Face & Embrace Your Fears
  • Choose You: It’s your CHOICE
  • Choice IS Your Birthright
  • Finding Soul Purpose
  • Think Without A Box To Connect the Dots
  • Life Transitions: Follow Your Flow
  • Money Matters

Business Speaking Topics

  • Allow, Accept, Align, Redefine
  • Be Your Own BOSS
  • Think Without A Box: Building Success From Scratch
  • Game Changer: Think Without A Box
  • Mission Transition: The Entrepreneurial Journey
  • Game Changer: Evolutionary Leadership
  • Health & Wellness In the Workplace
  • Human Capital Value (HCV)

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