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"This Investment has changed my life forever"

Defining Paths changed my life and my business. After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on several aspects of my business with different people, I didn't have the strategy nor understanding to produce the results I wanted.

I was basically tapped out and ready to give up on my business when I met Virginia and Sayyam of Defining Paths. Virginia and Sayyam understood where I was because they too had experienced similiar things.

They helped me rebuild my business with a sound strategy, marketing, and pricing. They operated in integrity which was very important to me. Working with someone I trusted and not someone who just wanted to make a dollar was something I hadn't experienced before.

They meet with you to find out your vision for your business. They learn what hasn't worked for you and why. They created a custom strategy, website and helped my launched my business.

If you are building a business, I highly recommend Defining Paths. They will work with you to get your business up and running from the ground up. You don't have to worry about paying for a cookie-cutter approach.

They help you understand and pursue the right path for your business for the stage you are at.

trina l martin

Founder and CEO of Trina L Martin