Love The Skin You’re In (eBook Edition)


Love The Skin You’re In: How to Conquer Life Through Divergent Thinking

“Embrace fear and it will become your ally.”

In life, we encourage people to be different, but favor those who choose to be the same as everyone else. We encourage people to express their voices, but only listen to the loudest voices. We encourage people to love their skin and body, but mostly portray “desirable” shapes and sizes in media.


It’s time to Love The Skin You’re In

Love The Skin You’re In debunks the societal notions that we must travel identified paths or follow a formula to conquer life and success. It asserts the individual qualitative nature of success, as opposed to quantifiable measures. Success is not defined the same for everyone, therefore it cannot be generalized.

With this book, you will learn not only how to connect the dots, but also gain permission and freedom to be who you are and were meant to be. You will gain new perspective, validation and empowerment to believe in yourself, walk your path and move forward to achieve your personal measure of success.

Dr. LeBlanc will take you on her personal journey, encouraging you to “find your power, find your strength.” This book was written to help you:

  • Understand how being different is a privilege and not a burden.
  • Learn to view social norms as guidelines instead of expectations.
  • Reconcile your past, accept your present and walk in your future.
  • Tune into your own channel and don’t take on other people’s co-dependency.
  • Discover what you are made of, break chains and be true to you.
  • Choose how you respond to choices and circumstances which direct your path.
  • Find and maintain balance in midst of the storm.
  • Connect the dots which seemingly don’t connect and find your purpose.
  • Learn how to carve out your niche and step into your role as a leader.
  • Put yourself into the driver’s seat and don’t be afraid to walk the outer limits.
  • Overcome fear and enjoy the journey of living.

This book is for those who are tired of not meeting the expectations of a social construct that is not built with them in mind.

This book is for those who have been made to doubt themselves in their mind and body and wants to break out of that unhealthy thought process.

If you wish to conquer life by accepting yourself and your individuality through divergent thinking and become invaluable in your personal and professional life, then purchase your copy today and make fear your ally!