Chosen: Build Your Story

What is your story? Have you ever thought about it?

When we are children, we begin to discover and learn about life and living through children’s books—stories. We might even dare to imagine ourselves in that storytelling, circumstances, and experience those feelings. Heck, if we don’t like parts, we will even re-write the story.

So, how/why do we miss the equation and application to our very own lives as adults? Why do we fear writing and/or re-writing our story?

Because somewhere along your path, you forgot that you are living a real-life story and that you can (have the choice) on how to write it.

If no one has told you, you ARE the author of your very own story; AND, you were born to be an original, not a copy.

Why do we look at Miss Jones and want to look like, dress like, and be her?

Why do we envy Mrs. Jones and want her “perfect” home, family, and marriage?

Why do we look at Mr. Jones with lust in our hearts, minds, and wish he was ours?

See anything wrong with that? Did I step on your toe? Sorry for the pain, but I need you to WAKE UP, for your sake.

Build YOUR Own Story

It’s okay if it’s not perfect or pretty. It’s real. It’s the TRUE YOU. No pretense. No pressure. No standards of measurement. No competition. Just you…and the blank piece of paper in front of you. What will you write? What will it say?

Hi, I am Virginia, some call me DocV, no longer a copy of, in competition with, or an invention of another person’s imagination. I am FREE. Born to be me, an original, THE one and only. Won’t you come and join me…?

Feel me? If so, and you are ready to orchestrate your own life and legacy, may I be your Pivot Maestro?

I became conscious of “My Story” and the power of telling it in 2016, after a devastating break up with the man that I thought I would spend the rest of my life with, and, a serious health issue that almost took me out of here, bleeding out for almost 4 months straight. While Mr. Jones tried to do the noble thing and stick by me, the rubber met the proverbial road, and the fears that we would have to face proved too much, so I set him free.

See, what I didn’t realize was that immersing myself into life with Mr. Jones made me completely lose my identity through settling into societal hype and its system of boxes to check.

I am here to tell you, warning flags appear for a reason: to wake you up and to signal that you are not being true to you and YOUR story. LISTEN. You are above and beyond boxes. You DO have a choice to tick the box or not, OR how about don’t participate? Have you ever thought about that?

Why do detours occur in life? Why do we have to go through them? Are they really detours, or an important part of your story?

They ARE a part of your story. It’s up to you to figure out what and why. Figure out your story line, then build your story…

Why has GOD, the divine, chosen you?

May I encourage you right quick? You have been chosen for your imperfections and all that comes with: for your hurts, for your hangups, for your habits, for your ability to overcome.

Furthermore, who can do what you do? You’re an “original”, remember. Who has the ability to write and tell your story like you? You live in your skin every day, and no one knows your heart and soul.

They don’t know your ability to hold your head high in the face of adversity; your ability to shine bright in ways no one else can; your passion to speak and stand for not only yourself but others; your strong sense of fair play and right; your love for humanity.

They can’t see your vision and THAT is for a reason. It’s not theirs, and it wasn’t meant for them to see.

It’s okay. They have their own story to fulfill. You’ve been chosen for YOUR soul purpose, for a reason.

Unless two can agree, they aren’t destined to walk together. And guess what? IT’S OKAY. You are not for everyone, and everyone is not for you. Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses. Quiet as kept, they have their own issues, and if you knew, it might be easier for you to embrace your individuality, your originality, and your uniqueness. How about you try and do it anyway, without being encouraged by knowing someone else’s mess, unless they willingly tell it.

But even if that were the case, without understanding that you were chosen for a reason, there would only be a hole that needed filling by the next figment of imagination. How about imagining your purpose? Your passions? Your future and the story you could write, if you embraced your fears of revealing and being the true you.

I would be the first to tell you this challenge is not a slight to the deep hurts and traumas that you have lived through. WE SURVIVED. Now, it’s time to thrive. Just breathe…

Build and tell your OWN story!

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