Just Breathe: Walk by Faith and Not by Sight

Fear is a powerful thing that keeps us from trying. It keeps us from following our heart’s desire. In truth, the fear of success is scarier than the fear of failure.

Why? Because our sight is limited which equals limiting beliefs.

The answer: Walk by Faith and Not by Sight. Trust and the provisions will come.

Remember, first, “Define Your Nightmare”. “Don’t Bury The Past. Release The Guilt”, then “Face Yourself: Don’t Be Afraid To Be Human”.

The journey is to “Face Your Enemy: Defeat The Demons Within”. Once you start that healing, you will be able to adjust your crown, your perspective on worthiness and who you are and were meant to be.

“Discover Your Passions To Understand Your Purpose”. For a purpose, you are “Chosen: Build Your Story”. “Embrace Fear: It Is Your Ally” and “Conquer With Kindness”.

It’s time to make “Soul Decisions: Define Your Path”. Make “Soul Moves: Create Your Legacy”. You DO have a “Soul Purpose: Serve And Inspire Your Circle”.

Once you’ve identified that purpose, plans may change but not the goal. Let God/Mother Nature take course and follow your flow. Don’t overthink or overwork it.

Just breathe…

Listen to Conscious Intuition and walk by faith, NOT by sight.

What does that mean? Sight is finite, and seeing facilitates fear. Trust in your higher power. That power will activate your willpower and your belief in yourself.

And remember, there is no such thing as failure…only lessons learned.

Friend, excuses are simply tools of ineffectiveness used to build bridges to nowhere and monuments of nothingness, and those who use them seldom specialize in anything else.

Identifying your passion(s) is the key to finding your soul purpose and that knowledge is the bridge to building monuments of greatness.

Take the first step. DEFINE YOUR PATH to your greatness—YOUR measure of success! Be your own BOSS in mind, body, soul, and business!!


Thanks for following us and investing in your personal development.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, to you and yours!!!

From our family at Defining Paths International!

DocV & Shaz

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