Soul Decisions: Define Your Path

If we knew about, understood, connected with, and made soul decisions from the time able to exercise choice, what might our lives, this world look like…?  

If we understood choice as a gift, a birthright, how much more would we value and take care in exercising every choice in our lives?

If we consulted with and listened to our soul daily, instead of ignoring or second-guessing it, how many pitfalls might we have avoided or answers to questions might we have gotten right?

But this is life, and it’s for the living to make choices that have consequences. It’s called living. If we had all the answers, knew and understood all, then there would be no path to follow or life to live.

What we DO need to understand is that there are consequences in every choice: sadness and happiness, joy and despair, illness and health, gain and loss, emptiness and fulfillment, lack and prosperity, brokenness and wealth. Every choice leads us to a lesson, and it’s on us to learn the lesson. If we do not learn, we change our fortune and waylay our destiny to remain in our repeat loop.

The keys to breaking out of that loop and living the best life you can:

  • Understand and know who you are and cherish that originality;
  • Know what you value from the essence of your soul, not from social or cultural influences; and then,
  • Activate the Law of Attraction in your life

God, The Creator, DOES NOT make mistakes; therefore, you are here for a reason and you are perfectly and wonderfully made, no matter your DNA or circumstances. Start defining your path through Conscious Intuition with all in mind.

As the legendary legacy leaving Chef Marco Pierre White so aptly put it, “If you have a dream then you have a duty and a responsibility to yourself to make it come true. Because if you don’t make your dreams come true, then you’re just a dreamer.”

By not realizing and accepting your role in life, hiding from it, making excuses, playing less than, and feeling unworthy or like an imposter, it serves no one…not you or the people waiting for you to step into your soul purpose by sharing your story.

Marco Pierre White was not good at school at all—reading, writing, etc. He came from a dysfunctional, working-class environment with hard but essential life lessons. Approaching graduation, his father sent him on his way to find work. Not knowing where he was going and in a wandering existence, leaving the world he was born into and starting his new journey in a new one, he tapped into his Conscious Intuition, heard his soul speak, and mustered the willpower to make a soul decision to pursue his dream.

Marco found himself at Hotel St. George and knocked on the kitchen door. He never wanted the door to open but it did. He found himself literally on the doorstep of his soul purpose. The kitchen porter opened the door to his new life. The porter took him to the head chef thinking he had an appointment, and the rest is history.

Marco Pierre White chose to author the rest of his story and that choice led to his legacy and inspiration of notable Chefs as Mario Batali, Heston Blumenthal, Shannon Bennett, Gordon Ramsay, Curtis Stone, Phil Howard and Stephen Terry.

I cannot say it any more eloquently than he, the one dubbed ‘the first celebrity chef’:

“And that’s what life’s all about—Stories—because it’s those stories that inspire us to go and achieve what we have to achieve in life. It’s those stories that make us dream.”

I will add that it’s your stories that make others dream and fulfill those dreams. In turn, manifesting yours.

May I let you in on what might be a secret to you? YOU are the catalyst for someone else’s choice to live or to simply exist. Their choice becomes a part of your legacy.

I know…the realization can be a lot…Just breathe…

Now, decide. What are you going to do about it? Continue to live a black and white life or choose color?

Your soul speaks. Embrace the fear. Listen. Take advantage. Define your path!

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