Soul Purpose: Serve and Inspire Your Circle

People need a reason for existing, in other words a sense of purpose.

We also have a need to belong, whether admittedly or not; we were not meant to live life alone.

These two facts joined with understanding the meaning of life—legacy through service—brings us back into alignment with our essence to operate in and through our soul purpose.

From these revelations, inspiration will flow. Follow your flow!

Inspiration is the life water that flows from the well of the soul. It’s the power that will sustain you, energize you, lead and guide you. It’s that “Ah-ha”, that spirit voice, that clear, strong, and present gut feeling. Don’t second-guess it. Go with the flow.

JUST BE YOU. Build it, and the people will come. Your product or service will speak to who it is supposed to speak to and word will spread.

Don’t get caught up in the game worrying about a type, target audience, and the like. You are limiting your vision, creativity, potential, and possibilities. DREAM, and dream big! Live in a “Possibility Mind-set”.

YOU are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul!

This is contrary to common business philosophies and practices taught for decades by “gurus”, “coaches”, and the like.

Why? Because theirs is a commerce-first formula that can work with the right variables but has nothing to do with humanity and can eventually rob the soul.

Most people are in survival mode driven by the love of and enslavement to money, giving little to no concern about finding their soul purpose or being in service to another. There is little need for inspiration here, only motivation. It’s boxed-in, cookie-cutter, conformity thinking that DOES NOT provide a one-size-fits-all formula.

REVELATION: This is why you’ve been banging your head against a wall and are still on the wheel of insanity.

Connecting to your passion(s), whether a result of pain or pleasure, reveals your soul purpose. It’s that thing that births joy, no matter what. It’s Frankie Beverly’s “Joy and pain like sunshine and rain” place.

When serving your soul purpose, the pieces start to fit into place; and it will never feel like a “job” or work. From that revelation alone, inspiration will flow; and you, and those in your circle, will grow.

May I ask…

Who/How are you serving?

Have you found your soul purpose? Are you still seeking?

If the answer is no and/or still seeking, don’t worry…there is no date, time, year, or age by which you are supposed to…

Each person’s path is theirs to choose. The journey of discovery is different for everyone.

Still confused on the thought of a “soul purpose”?

Let me give you a hint…it’s that one word that brings you to life, the core assignment that fulfills your soul…

For me, that word is “Nurturer”.

Okay, ready? Just breathe…

Find your soul purpose, serve it, and define your path!

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