Soul Moves: Create Your Legacy

Have you ever considered the word “legacy”?

The thought of the word alone is a bit intimidating…maybe even overwhelming…

What if you could break generational chains by creating and leaving a legacy for your children, children’s children, all your loved ones, a cause, or the world?

How do you even get started with something like that?

DREAM. Dream big and start one day at a time.

Well, DocV, what if I have forgotten how to dream?

Then simply start by opening your mind to a “Possibility Mind-set” where everything and anything is possible in your world, no matter your background, socio-economic status, intelligence, capability, pains, or trauma.

Sounds crazy, right? IT’S NOT. Let me help you…

What is legacy? For our purpose, it’s the long-lasting impact of a person’s life.

Why do you want to leave one? MEANING.

Human beings search for the meaning of/in life, particularly at times of lack and loss. It’s wired into us: Who are we? Why are we? How long are we? What if I expire and have nothing to show for my time on this earth?

All good, legitimate, and common questions.

How do we answer these questions and find meaning? LEGACY.

To build and leave a legacy:

  • First, win the “Mind Game”. Think without a box.
  • Trust in a higher power, higher purpose than self.
  • Give back by serving others in the littlest of ways.

Do these things and you will start to find the meaning of life and the power to sustain you in it.

The key is getting over “self”. It’s not about “self” but “legacy” through passion, purpose, and service. Change your perspective to change the narrative.

Find and develop your servant’s heart and you will start to make “Soul Moves”.

Just breathe…

Let Conscious Intuition be your guide. Pivot. Now, step into the greatness within you.

You’ve got this! Define your path with true vision.

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