Define Your Nightmare

“Define your nightmare…”

Perhaps you think it a peculiar thing to suggest or say. Let me tell you why it’s not and the benefit of doing so…

Understand that nightmares are a way that we manifest and process fear through our subconscious. Ignoring your nightmare breeds subconscious fears and is how we allow fear to overcome and control our souls, making us the passengers of our own Will.

We were not made or born to fear, but it’s something a lot of us cannot help. Fear reveals our weaknesses and tries to put a case forward in our minds on why we cannot move forward, grow further or achieve the heights of our soul’s purpose in fulfillment of our destiny. But fear also yields strength.

With every nightmare comes daylight, bringing consciousness and awareness. You must simply choose it, mindfully. We cannot escape our fears, but we CAN escape the nightmares by learning how to conquer them.

The truth is ignorance IS bliss. But there is freedom in conscious awareness and soul conflict. Confronting that which gives you pause and gives stronger impulse to “flight” rather than “fight” is the first step in conquering those demons, the nightmare.

More than 20 years later, I still have an ongoing battle with a nightmare trying to rear its head…a discovery at the age of 16 that was life and career changing…

See, when something is that significant, that traumatic, it’s going to hurt. In fact it destroyed every ounce of confidence I had and left me flailing in the wind as to my future and possibilities.

I was a go-getter, all-American athlete/scholar/singer, ambitious with goals and dreams. I could see the path so clearly that I could almost touch it, until I couldn’t.

I was recruited by the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine Corps and accepted by numerous universities. Upon the news that I had a rare, inoperable eye condition, not normally found in young girls, that would progressively worsen, and could lead to total blindness, but would likely stabilize, was NOT what I wanted to hear at 16! My entire little world was turned upside down and for the foreseeable future, at that time.

Folks, what I did not understand at that point in time is the true meaning of “life happens” and what is needed to get through it and overcome. I cried uncontrollably for days, months…and wore masks for years because of it. Looking back, how did I get through it?

I took comfort in my higher power which reignited hope, re-sparked faith, reminded me of my abilities, and jarred me awake to options. I discovered willpower and found my strength. My potential to do anything was there…it just had to be awakened from my nightmares.

Good people, we all have the power and potential within to be and do anything, to manifest our greatness. You just have to think without the box. First, know thy enemy by defining your nightmares.

If you have enjoyed this blog, I invite you to share your personal experiences, learnings and thoughts, as I always love to engage with others and discuss more about the topics I write.

Have a wonderful day!

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