Don’t Bury the Past. Release the Guilt.

I admit that I have an uncanny ability to bury hurts. But those hurts don’t stay buried and yield hang ups and habits that cannot be buried. Those hang ups and habits can be devastating to the soul and soul hurts not easily repaired.

How have I repaired and overcome?

  • One: I am still repairing. Healing is a process. The deeper the wound, the longer the process; and,
  • Two: I now accept the things I cannot change, and operate with the courage to change the things I can (i.e., release the negativity, guilt, and other emotions tied to person, place, thing, situation).

Say it with me:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference…

Shame, silence, regret, self-loathing are poisons that snuff out the soul and are tools to keep us living in victimization. How do you move forward and through life after such encounters? Don’t bury the past. Face it. Own your part, if any, and release the guilt to start the healing process.

We operate and interpret life based on our experiences and resulting hurts, hang ups, and habits. These hurts, hang ups, and habits are outcomes of dysfunctional relationships and/or traumatic encounters.

Don’t give your past power over you by burying (holding on to) it.

The condition of life and living is such that TRAUMA (i.e., stressful, disturbing, painful, shocking, or upsetting responses to an antagonist) is inevitable, and all have/will come across it. Whether an individual, collective, or ancestral fragmentation, it’s a hurt. Acknowledge it, address the inner self, and grow from it. As we heal as individuals, the world heals.

One of the greatest acknowledgements I faced was a game changer and that was the fact that not only people but also places, situations, and things have a reason, season, or lifetime purpose in guiding our paths. It’s on us to define our path through the control of healthy choices.

Life is dynamic, things will, and do, happen. Those happenings are, and will always be, in and out of our control based on our choices and those of others. Be clear, we cannot anticipate, predict, and are not responsible for the choices of others, no matter the heart connection.

Reclaim and keep your power (your sanity, self-worth, peace) by understanding the facts of life. Perspective IS everything and your heart health contingent upon it.

The lesson to learn here: Don’t give your past power over you by burying and holding on to the darkness. Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve is NOT an address you want to reside at. Let it go. Heal and rebuild. And know that there’s no such thing as getting it right, or perfect, because we are all beautiful imperfect beings just seeking acceptance, love, and trying to be reasonably happy.

The struggle is REAL. Just breathe…

Commit to communicating with yourself, FIRST, truthfully…

Then, you will be able to accept yourself; love yourself; and all the rest will come. You will find yourself more than reasonably happy and with the ability to dream a new dream, GUILT FREE.

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