Embrace Fear: It Is Your Ally!

We’ve been taught not to fear, that it is a weakness and/or a figment of our imagination.

I beg to differ and have found strength in that difference.

Fear DOES exist and it can be our ally. How? By embracing it.

What does that mean, DocV? Let me break it down for you…

First, anyone who tells you fear does not exist is afraid to fear. We’ve been programmed to believe it’s not manly, it’s girlie, it’s weakness, it’s shameful, and demeaning. Not so, based on perspective.

Fear is our fire…our strength…

Defeat fear by embracing it and making it your ally! But know that it will stick around because it is a part of your story. Just stay in control of it with a healthy perspective.

You can “eat your fear” for breakfast by speaking to it every morning. Put that energy on notice and subjugate it, overpower it.

It starts and ends in the mind. It’s like the cliché “you are what you eat” and what you eat can distort and reshape your body, attack your health, your emotions, inhibit your activities, and block your courage to live life. May I suggest the thought that you are what you fear. Ramifications: The same. BLUF: Control it or it will control you.

Mind over matter does matter and your life may depend on it. Fear is a matter of life and the ability to live that must be dealt with. Do you need a mind re-set?

It’s not too late, and always timely to embrace fear.

Do you have dreams that you’ve abandoned for fear of being different, considered anything but normal?

Are you afraid to lose friends? Start again?

If you lose a friend, they were not your friend to begin; and starting again, redefining is freeing and rewarding. Don’t think about what you’re losing but what you’re gaining. May I let you in on a secret? You never lose with the right perspective.

Shift happens…so, shift gears, pivot, and follow your flow.

Remember, excuses are monuments of nothingness that build bridges to nowhere, so STOP building broken bridges between your mind, body, and soul and start living.

Keep writing that story!

Choose to be the master of your fate and the Captain of your soul over fear.

Choices can be hard and really suck BUT for perspective…Perspective is everything.

Put that/those other passenger(s) in its/their seat and sail on! Embrace fear and it WILL become your ally.

Just breathe…

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