Tap into Your Inner Wonder Woman by Managing Your Reality

Why do things have to be all or none especially when it comes to the “fairer sex”— WOMEN? Why aren’t we thought about in shades of grey? Not the Shades of Grey your mind may have just gone to. That’s a different subject for a different conversation. Society has always tried to put us in a box and we have let it.

The fact of the matter, others fear our greatness . . . WE fear our own greatness . . . chew on that for a moment . . . Now ask yourself, “Why?” Bottom line? It is because we have brought ourselves into social conditioning and conformity.

“Fear” has oppressed and suppressed our power. We have not because we insist not. We have been told our place is in the home, in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, at our partner’s beck and call, and on and on. Anything less is unacceptable in the eyes of society. When we step outside that norm, we are chastised, ostracized, debased, ridiculed, condemned, and victimized not only by men but other women as well, who are all still in mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual chains. The only way out of the cycle is through it.

Channeling to a kindred spirit, Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones), you must become a breaker of chains! You can do whatever you want to do and be whatever you want to be. YOU, and you alone must find and walk your path. You can live with others, but you cannot live for them, nor they for you. Tune into your own channel and the power behind your difference and life purpose. Your individuality is an asset and it is your superpower. Start your path to discovering the true you by tapping into your inner wonder woman.

Think about your life and the women you know or hear about . . . We do the impossible on a daily basis in the smallest of ways, in our minds. We make things happen through sheer will and divergent thinking. We are the wonder women. We cannot be put in a box. We blow the box up! You CAN be the gorgeous, vivacious woman who chooses to be single, professional, artistic, educated, cultured, strong, fun, and the boss or you can choose to be the sexy, innovative, multi-tasking homemaker if you so choose. It’s YOUR choice! How beautiful is that?!

Let’s get our minds right, ladies and ‘get information’ (thank you, Queen B). Whether it’s meeting the challenges of life at home, work, business, extracurricular, relationship, and even in health, the application is the same. We must manage our reality. Realign your thinking and get the “balance” concept out of your head. It is paralyzing and defeating you. Instead, change your perception and seek right proportions that will allow you to manage and steady yourself in the boxing ring of life. Focus on tasks at hand and the importance is given to each.

In all honesty, there is no such thing as balance in a dynamic human life; it only shifts in time, energy, focus, and scope of priority. If you understand this, master that concept and incorporate divergent thinking in your undertakings. You will get more time out of your day (I even dare say your life) and you will be more productive.

Everything is not for you to do. Everything is not an emergency and should not carry equal importance. If you believe so, understand that it is your superwoman talking. Shed the perfectionism issues and focus on excellence; there is a difference. Recall, even Wonder Woman had her issues. The power which drove her was the sheer strength of will in knowing who she was as well as following and fulfilling her purpose. While she may have been information with others, her march was to her own beat.

In our own ways, we all have the capacity to tap into our inner wonder woman. We are strong, resourceful, resilient, and nurturing among a host of characteristics. Use it ALL to your advantage. Invest in yourself, your career, and the lifestyle that you want. Above all, know that it is okay to say “no” as well as to redefine yourself whenever you choose.

So, be decisive. Be confident. If you make a misstep, backtrack and fix it or move on and keep connecting the dots. Be fierce and unapologetic for who you are. There’s nothing wrong with either if you’re keeping it 100 (as the young folk say). Let your light shine. Choose to win and make life happen. Tap into your inner “Wonder Woman,” manage your reality, and love the skin YOU’RE in!

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